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1275 Delaware Ave. Buffalo, NY 14209

*I am not currently accepting patients

My Mission Statement: 

To continue to heal myself, learn and help others find peace, happiness, and fulfillment.

As a board certified psychiatric nurse practitioner, I am licensed to diagnose and treat mental, emotional, and behavioral health conditions. This can include medications, and other therapeutic approaches. I have experience helping people use nutrition, exercise, sleep and other helpful strategies to feel better. What matters most to me is remembering that you are the expert in your own care, and with some help can lead the way in your own path of healing and growth.


While I use approaches drawn from cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, mindfulness, acceptance therapy and others, I recognize the benefit of approaching health and healing in a way that focuses on your own individual preferences. I feel humbled by the opportunity to learn about you and ways that you think I can be of help. Most of all I will listen to you with deep curiosity and work with you to help you cultivate your own deeper truth and wisdom.


I have been on my own path of healing and have suffered from anxiety, depression, and traumatic childhood experiences. I have benefited, myself, from the use of medications in the past, exercise, healthy eating, connection with nature, and group work.  I know I can work with you to find effective ways to help you heal and feel better.


Continual learning and development are extremely important to me, and I currently collaborate with a psychiatrist, when needed, and will actively embrace learning from you in ways that I can provide the best care.


I am trained in Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, and while I am not offering that service at this time, in the future I will offer evaluations for ketamine use in therapy.


I completed a Master of Science degree at D’Youville College as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. As a registered nurse, my first role was at the VA Hospital, here in Buffalo, on a cardiac unit, which also included caring for patients with many other acute conditions. I also worked as a Home Care RN which is focused on wound care, and patient education for many medical conditions, which includes education and interventions focused on medications, nutrition, and other important strategies to improve health. I transitioned into mental health nursing and worked on an ACT team, also in Buffalo, which brings together professionals to work in the community with mental health conditions that can cause great suffering in people. Providing care in the community rather than an office setting allowed me to understand many of the challenges and barriers people face in healing and achieving their goals. Many of my experiences helped me to embrace an ethic of humbleness and to see the importance of considering you as the expert and leader in your care.


Insurances accepted:

I am currently credentialed with Headway, which is an online service that handles all aspects of insurance coverage and payment for sessions with me. Please use the link provided to set up an appointment with me.


Office hours:

Monday-Thursday 10AM-4PM


Contact information:

Phone: 716-817-0234



Fee for services: 

Please use the Headway link. Initial consultation is $250. Follow up appointment is $150.

Payment accepted:

I can accept cash, check, credit/debit card, FSA cards and other forms of payment

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