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Whether you are experiencing trauma or just have a deep desire to move forward on your spiritual path, I'd love to help. I work exclusively with adults in individual therapy. See some of the kinds of work I do, below.

Calm Sea


Clear out the old stuff that keeps you stuck

As an EMDR therapist, I know that it is the residue of trauma that primarily holds us back. Trauma certainly includes things like abuse and military experience, but it is much, much broader than that. Any experience that shapes our understanding of who are are in a negative way is trauma. Being shamed. Living without enough nurturance. 

When memories become stored the wrong way, this results in trauma, including PTSD. These memories cause emotional distress, inaccurate negative beliefs about ourselves, and functional problems in our lives. EMDR Therapy is a model of therapy that helps to shift how memories are stored in the brain through the use of Bilateral Stimulation (BLS), usually in the form of eye movements. (link to EMDR page). Once these memories are stored correctly, they are no longer distressing and they do not influence our beliefs or behavior. EMDR can be very effective and can result in rapid change for clients.

I am an EMDR Therapy approved trainer as well as a Certified Therapist. 

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Free yourself from your mind

Minds are wonderful things. They can help us solve problems. They can help us develop plans. They can also keep us tragically stuck.

Imagine that you really come to realize that with your heart most deeply longs for.Imagine that you really come to realize that with your heart most deeply longs for. But as you start contemplating moving towards this dreams, your mind starts getting in the way. Your mind starts saying things like "you can't do that. You aren't qualified. Everything you do falls apart. People don't like you, anyway." So, then you decide to hold back and you don't follow through with something that would really make you happy. Sound familiar?

ACT is about developing a new relationship to the fact that you have a mind- a relationship in which you can pay attention to what your mind has to say, but not let your mind be in charge at times when it is downright wrong.

Statue of Buddha


Be Awake and Free

Meditation is becoming more and more popular. I am so thrilled about that.

One path of meditation is called the path of worldly ease. This path is about using meditation to manage stress, feel better, and relax. These are wonderful things to work on. 

There is another path. The path of awakening. This is the path of coming to see things as they really are- not as the mind filters, interprets, and distorts them. The path of awakening is also the path of freedom.

We buddhists talk about fearlessness. Fearlessness doesn't mean having having no fear. It means being absolutely willing to feel fear. Or shame. Or confusion. Or anxiety. Or happiness. Imagine if you could be able to go and do anywhere, not inhibited by uncomfortable emotions. 

please note: Meditation coaching and Buddhist psychology work are private pay- not insurance.

professional developmnet training sessio


Develop as therapist

I am an EMDR International Association approved EMDR training provider and consultant. I am cofounder of Buffalo EMDR Training Institute. I teach EMDR at the University at Buffalo.

I am also an established Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) trainer with established basic and intermediate ACT trainings ready to go. I also teach ACT at the University at Buffalo.

Beyond that, I have some basic philosophies that weave through everything that I do as a therapist and trainer.​ One is that I explore and engage in the work for yourself. I study and practice Buddhism deeply and personally. ACT is a living part of how I organize my perspective and life experiences. Only when you know these kinds of things personally can you really be ready to use them or teach them to others. 

I provide training and consultation to multiple agencies. 

Whether you are an individual or an agency, feel free to request information on trainings and consultation. 

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