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Thank you for clicking on my profile. It’s not easy to seek therapy but when you do, it’s a huge relief. I help people reclaim their lives from suffering and develop a new, healthy way of living. Sometimes life brings loss, trauma, and moments we can’t seem to escape from in our memories. I provide holistic counseling, based on neuropsychology and over ten years of clinical experience to free people from their past in a natural, effective, and gentle way.
I combine EMDR Therapy and other evidenced-based therapies to heal trauma and the mind-body connection.

I incorporate modern healing techniques grounded in our bodies’ natural way of healing. You will experience talk therapy, neuropsychology, and mindfulness and like a fine art, I’ll weave them in and out of our sessions as needed.
I believe we all have a deep desire to be open, connected and safe in our bodies. It’s our right to feel ok on a regular basis, free from the memories of our past. I would be so happy and honored to help you move through what you have experienced. Let's get started today!


If you’d like to learn more or book an appointment, please visit my website at

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