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1416 Sweet Home Rd. Suite 1. Amherst NY 14228

I understand that it takes a great deal of courage to be vulnerable to others. Some of our life experiences can leave us with feelings of depression, anxiety, low self esteem and self doubt. Despite our best efforts to change, obstacles can be difficult to overcome. I am dedicated to helping you heal, replace harsh self talk with self compassion and connect to the internal strength you already have. Regardless of the challenges you are facing in your life, positive change is possible.


For over fifteen years, I have worked with people who have experienced traumatic events such as emotional, physical and sexual abuse, domestic violence, loss and anyone who has undergone events that are leading to depression and anxiety. Whether you've experienced trauma recently or many years ago, these experiences may continue to impact you in the present. We will focus on identifying & addressing the root of your emotional pain rather than just the symptoms.


I am trained in many evidence based treatments, including EMDR, CBT, DBT and mindfulness. I believe that providing a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere is of upmost importance. Healing happens through authentic connection so finding a good fit between you and your therapist is essential.

Insurances accepted: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Independent Health, Aetna, Univera, United health.


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